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Establishing Your Paternity

California Attorneys Help Men Legally Establish Paternity

Orange lawyers address the privileges and responsibilities of fatherhood

Des Jardins & Haapala has helped many men obtain parental rights to their children. We are also highly familiar with how to deal with cases in which paternity is in question. We work hard to make sure fathers are allowed to be a part of their children’s lives.

Among the great social changes of the past half-century is the greater participation of fathers in the day-to-day care of their children. No longer can it be assumed that mothers carry the responsibility alone, and many, many fathers fully participate in the joys and burdens of child-rearing. As a result of this changing role, a greater interest in fathers’ rights has emerged. Despite or because of the marked increases in the numbers of divorces and single parents in California, more and more fathers desire to actively participate in their children’s formative years.

Whether your unique personal situation involves a father’s right to be closer to a child or the intention to prove paternity, we can help.

Valuable counsel for your paternity action

Paternity actions in California can be filed by men or women. Once one party files, any component of the relationship — such as visitation — can instantly become an issue.

We represent fathers whose paternity suits are aimed at gaining child custody and visitation rights. We believe that children are better off when both parents are actively involved in their lives.

We can call on DNA testing resources to establish paternity and we negotiate and draft relevant documents for our clients. We also help husbands adopt their partner’s or spouse’s children. Every aspect of our firm’s paternity practice is carried out with the utmost discretion and privacy.

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